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Published by Benjamin 'Twitchy' Strack under , , on Friday, March 13, 2009
I've had a good week of movie watching and job searching. Rumor has it that Woodtv8 in Grand Rapids gave 'early retirement' packages to 30 of their technical crew in order to hire younger personnel. Needless to say they're getting a copy of my resume ASAP. My dad has a contact at Fox17 in GR, so he's getting my resume directly. Supposedly they cycle through cameramen every 3-6 weeks. Hopefully that doesn't mean they're terrible to work for.

Theres a film crewing up in GR as well, for a feature called Genesis Code. I googled it and came up with a Sci-Fi movie from a couple years ago(completely different). Apparently this is a film about a hockey player questioning his faith. It is a 8-9 million dollar movie, so thats a pretty high budget for something being shot here. Problem is, no matter my skill level, you generally can't be paid on feature until you have a crew credit on a feature, meaning I'd have to volunteer.

from Dragonriders of Pern is coming along. I've been reading it all week and making mental notes on a structure for a screenplay. I feel that I have a few good ideas on how to make it exciting on a screen and yet very true to the book. After I finish, I'll re-read at least one more time and take specific notes as I write the movie synopsis.

What I'm Watching
I watched The Gameplan this week, and it was... well, livable. The saddest part was I felt that the little girl acted better than Duane 'the Rock' Johnson. I guess I can put up with it reminding myself that its a kid's movie.

I saw Rachel Getting Married tonight, and have to admit I really enjoyed it. It was a very good independent film. A big mental movie about how people people interact and observe and judge others, even within their own family. If you can find it, see it.

I saw Taken at the end of last week, and absolutely loved it. Liam Neeson is simply brilliant. It was kind of like a more mature movie out of the Bourne series. It did not have the shakey camera of the Bourne series, and was therefore much easier to stomach. They also didn't try to play Neeson off as some super-man. He had great training, but was getting old, and had bits of trouble during fights, usually walking out with at least some small injury. A great portion was also shot river-side in Paris, which I can only imagine would have been a producer's nightmare (especially with the car chase). Overall, amazing film and I loved every minute of it.


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