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Spring Break for Some

Published by Benjamin 'Twitchy' Strack under , on Friday, March 06, 2009

Western's spring break was this week. Since I'm no longer a student, that means nothing to me, although I'm enjoying a brief respite from the fraternity.

People do so many different versions of Mass. What if Mass, and the text and meaning behind each movement, were put into a story in film? Hmmm... I'm going to toy with this further.

Coming Up
I've been asked to come into a local school to talk to kids about filmmaking and screenwriting. I need to go through some of my work as well as some famous movies/scripts to show the kids real-world examples of screenplay translated onto the big screen.

What I'm Watching
Seen a few movies this week for the first time. Enchanted, which was actually much better than I expected it to be. Meet the Robinsons, which was also much better than I expected it to be, and actually did good young-age time travel stuff that I think kids would like without frying their brains (Back to the Future II anyone?). Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep was not a Eragon rip-off as it seemed, and actually didn't make me never want to watch movies again...

And after all those youngster-esque movies, last night for three hours in the theatre, I sat through Watchmen.

Loads of fun. Got the comic-book feel without the chunkyness of Sin City. Lots of violence, lots of blood, a fair amount of sex, and and this-is-just-barely-R amount of nudity. If you're one who can stomache all that and enjoys dark alternate world superheroes, then this movie is for you. Most all-around entertaining movie I've seen in a while. Rumor has it, the DVD will include a FULL HOUR of deleted scenes. Crazy.

'Til next time...


brooke said... @ March 13, 2009 at 10:37 AM

blood and sex?
sounds good to me

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